Research & Development

PRL's Research & Development

Primus Ray Laboratories is a research-oriented company aiming at the development of high quality pharmaceutical products in the field of innovative finished formulations. We invest more than 10 million USD annually in Research and Development, developing 3-4 projects of innovative formulations every year concerning mainly the development of advanced pharmaceutical and drug delivery technologies as well as their application in selected drug substances. With the application of innovative techniques and advanced technologies, Primus Ray Laboratories aims to provide challenging solutions, as well as to develop and establish new technology platforms and provide optimized pharmaceutical products to patients.

The main research activities include:

  • Solubility / Permeability Enhancement Technologies
  • Alternative Pharmaceutical Dosage Forms
  • Alternative methods of drugs administration
  • Modified Release Oral Formulations
  • Long Acting Injectables

About Us

Primus Ray Laboratories is improving the quality of life for each and every individual. It is through this commitment that we constantly strive to innovate, improve and increase the availability of cost-efficient generic medicines to the global market.

Product Categories

  • Hypogonadism
  • Bronchology
  • Oncology
  • Nootropics
  • Thyroid